On Oct 31, 2013, a newly invented everlasting legal lightbulb (“NIELL”) removes darkness from everyone’s life.  Justice by laws correctly applied makes outlaws, hoaxers, scammers, rapists, etc. restitute their victims of Justicide by laws misappliedIt will begin to end due process of law in every Court, period, case closed.  And you don’t even need to be a lawyer to use this lightbulb, do you?

  What’s the point of the youtube with the NIELL going viral to keep removing darkness?

  The point is that the initial Court is required to make Justice prevail over Injustice without delay but for which ending due process of law is unconstitutional.  Appeals are rarely granted by appellate Courts, even by the highest appellate Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”), to reverse and correct erroneous factual findings (“Misjudgments”) or the misapplication of a properly stated rule of law (“Law Misapplied”).

  This downloadable/printable/6-pager (A1 to A6) officially authored by the Law Offices of Lalit K Jain, Esq making the Memorandum of Law (“LKJMOL”) Official reveals the three truths, so help US GOD[1] Confessions that the truth is concealed to commit Justicide as judicially instructed (A2);  [2]  Mandatory Orders for mandatory restitution to the prey from the predators is 100% American (A3);  and [3]  The immortal silver bullet system (“SBS”) of Justice with no defense has to keep ending the toxic grand scheme of things as the toxic legacy (A4, A5 and A6).

Claimer instead of DisclaimersMay it please the Courts to please forgive LKJESQ for his first free gift to all Courts to serve Justice instead of Justicide?  Learn and live in truth Knowing Justice always insures nature. ™ 

LKJESQ@LKJESQ.Com / 61-22 Booth Street Rego Park NY 11374-1034.

A1 of A6

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